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Sounds Like Home

By Candace | December 14, 2017

For most of us, holidays are a time of travel and reunion. This post, first published in December of 2015, salutes the sounds of my  own homecoming. Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful holiday season and a happy 2018! Writers eavesdrop. Call it a habit, a reflex, a skill or just a…

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Winter’s Work

By Candace | November 18, 2017

The trees in my backyard acknowledge the cooler temperatures in two ways. One likes to drop its leaves overnight, while the other holds on, slowly changing its colors, shedding a few leaves at a time. Life has its seasons and mysteries. Sometimes change is almost gentle, and we can take our time letting go. Other…

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Blog Builders: ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Anytime’

By Candace | November 1, 2017

Your blog is a great way to feed subscribers and visitors helpful information while showcasing your brand, its personality and voice. But creating a steady stream of blog content can be challenging for anyone. Here are two types of content that can make updating your blog a bit easier. 1. Evergreen. Evergreen content can be…

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Boo, Y’all!

By Candace | October 29, 2017

Enjoy this post from October 2016 about the visitors who greeted me not long after I arrived in Illinois. Happy Halloween to you and yours… I bought my first house when I moved to Illinois. With only five days to choose an address before my flight back to Alabama, I saw several unpleasant options and one gem, not yet on…

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Critiques and Edits: Which Feedback Should I Trust?

By Candace | October 16, 2017

A new author preparing to “workshop” part of her manuscript asked what I thought about the process. (She’s taking a class that offers feedback from fellow participants and an instructor after reading an excerpt.) Ah. My advice about advice? I live on both sides of this question: I’ve been edited by others – and edited…

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E-books: Your Marketing Ally

By Candace | October 9, 2017

Anyone can write an e-book, and using your e-book to build your business can be simple. (For the purposes of this post, an e-book is a digital “book” or chapter, whether it’s formatted as a PDF, EPUB, etc., which can be delivered as an email attachment or downloaded.) Here are five primary ways my clients…

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Is Your Website Working For You?

By Candace | September 17, 2017

Before you consider how your website is (or isn’t) helping your business, clarify why you have one. Think of your website as an employee. To evaluate an employee’s performance, you need a job title and description – a purpose for the role. ‘My website is a lead GENERATOR.’ If you want better inbound marketing results, two…

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Lessons From My Website Redesign

By Candace | September 10, 2017

Every brand is alive. Brand components including websites and other digital properties require care, feeding and maintenance. Whether your company is large or small, make sure your brand shifts with your business. Like many freelancers, I started out as a generalist trying to serve everyone, and I clung to a familiar corporate persona long after…

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Be Awake

By Candace | August 27, 2017

Note: I wrote this post in memory of my grandmother, “Gee Gee,” almost one year ago. Her birthday is this week. For more than a decade, I lived 10 hours away from home. Illinois was nice, but I missed the South. The architecture of valleys and mountains. Raindrops pattering through thick branches and leaves instead of…

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Beautiful Weeds

By Candace | August 19, 2017

Note: The vines have returned. Let’s revisit this post from July 2016. I’ve been Southern all my life. Even so, returning home after more than a decade in the Midwest did require adjustments. I call this process my “Re-Southernization.” 1. Overcoming the shock of dramatic indoor-outdoor temperature changes. We’re a strong, heat-tolerant people, but we…

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