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My Services


Popular copywriting deliverables include website copy, landing pages, executive communication, recruiting packages, marketing collateral and online training modules. 

While most of my copywriting clients work in financial services, insurance or technology, I sometimes accept creative projects from other businesses.

Whether you're responding to an RFP, drafting a general business proposal, completing a manuscript or writing a resume, editing can help you refine your work without losing your "voice." I've edited documents from one to 200 pages in length.

A few notes about content editing: Content editing, also known as developmental editing, examines deeper issues such as structure and consistency.

Most of my content editing clients write non-fiction. If you're a fiction author, I'm the type of editor who will notice when a Labrador becomes a golden retriever two chapters later or if someone arrives by train and leaves by car. I'll let you know if you've accidentally swapped a character's tea for coffee in a single scene, but I don't address character development or plot pacing.

If we decide not to work together at this time, I know a variety of other editors and writers who might be your perfect match.

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