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What clients say about me:

"When I read her revisions, questions and ideas, I said out loud, 'I love working with Candace!' She is an amazing editor who values her craft, and I'm grateful we connected."

Chris Doyle, speaker, author and coach


"Prior to hiring Candace to edit a magazine-style brochure, we struggled with how much content was right and whether that content was powerful enough to achieve our desired results. Candace used her research, our comments and feedback from our clients to shape our draft into a short brochure that gets to the heart of 'WHY,' for our business and for our clients. Candace gave them the license to dream!"

Ben Harper, financial coach, McBryar Advisory Services

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"HOW are your clients working to HEAL the world?"

  • My clients teach people how to mend relationships, to money or each other.
  • They are artists, life coaches and other creative entrepreneurs.
  • They use technology to connect people around the globe and help cities and hospitals save lives.
  • They offer medical transport services.
  • They rebuild communities after a storm.