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Landing Page Project: MAGBOLT™

By Candace Schilling | September 23, 2018

My clients are called to heal the world. Some work to inspire audiences, rebuild communities, change minds or mend hearts. Others are on a mission to protect people with their services or products.  The MAGBOLT™ Lockdown System is one of those products. I was delighted to create content for a MAGBOLT landing page and a…

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Marketing: Find Your Flavor

By Candace Schilling | September 10, 2018

As entrepreneurs, marketing makes some of us uncomfortable. A newly-minted website designer told me last week, “I’m just not sure about ‘putting myself out there,’” and I know that feeling. Like the photographer without a good headshot (who specializes in headshots) or the web developer with a broken, outdated website, I was once a writer with…

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Client: McBryar Advisory Services

By Candace Schilling | August 26, 2018

Our wealth and our health have something in common: These are deeply personal topics. We’ll discuss them, but some questions are “off-limits,” even with our friends. Concerns about money or health can affect the quality of our sleep and even the quality of our lives. As a professional communicator, I’ve been writing about complex, highly-regulated…

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The Nature of Transformation

By Candace Schilling | August 19, 2018

I’m afraid to ask my neighbors if they think I’m a bit odd, given that such a question would probably ignite an invisible battle between their politeness and their honesty. They might tell you my outdoor furniture is more decorative than functional. Instead of sitting, I stroll and pause, placing my hands on trees or…

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Networking Tips for Introverts (and Everyone Else)

By Candace Schilling | July 16, 2018

Three years ago, I walked into a large, Atlanta-area networking event, turned and walked right back out again. Friends said I was brave, moving across the country a few months earlier to a city where I knew no one. (I do not recommend this.) I’d weathered too many winters in a cold Illinois town, and…

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Is self-publishing right for you?

By Candace Schilling | July 1, 2018

Some of the most powerful advice I’ve ever read about self-publishing came from a worm farmer who published her own book more than 30 years ago. While “celebrating the value that small presses contribute to society,” she highlighted several timeless benefits of self-publishing, including the opportunity to exercise creative control over her work. “My goal…was…

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Here Comes Grace

By Candace Schilling | June 10, 2018

I love watching people, especially kids who punctuate their unedited happiness with uncontainable energy. “Ohhh,” I heard a man say, as he reached out to a little girl running full-force in his direction. “Here comes Grace!” A different type of kid I spotted a goat standing in a small field next to a rural highway…

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Slow Love

By Candace Schilling | May 27, 2018

Note: It must be summer in Georgia. I performed my first turtle rescue of the season last week, lifting a large specimen off the road after two vehicles dodged him. In honor of adventurous turtles and acts of kindness, let’s revisit this post from July of 2017. The first Georgia turtle I rescued was downright…

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I’m on The Freelancer Head Start podcast this week.

By Candace Schilling | May 14, 2018

If you missed my Atlanta-area presentation, Minding Your Own Business, you can catch some highlights in this interview by Marion Owen of The Freelancer Head Start podcast. We talked about some of my favorite topics, including “joy points” and how treating yourself like a client can improve your business and your content. (Thanks, Marion, for…

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The Beauty in Discarded Drafts

By Candace Schilling | May 2, 2018

The files stacked in the photo have a story to tell you. This paper testament shows how I’ve spent a significant number of evening and weekend hours for more than two years. They’re not going into the next draft of my novel, but these discards also don’t belong in the recycling bin. Learning to write…

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