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Holiday Kindness: Music for the Soul

By Candace Schilling | December 3, 2018

As I turn my calendar to the final month of the year, I’m considering the impact of unscheduled acts of kindness, every day. In a box of my great-great-grandparents’ letters, postcards and pamphlets, I spotted one tattered scrap of paper floating loose, scrawled with words that read like a poem or a song. According to…

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RFP: How to Respond

By Candace Schilling | November 10, 2018

Unlike a Request for Quote (RFQ), a Request for Proposal (RFP) is a powerful invitation to express your business at its best. It’s time to look beyond your bid, re-examine your capabilities as well as your differentiators and weave those unique characteristics into your copy. If your company uses a team-based approach to create proposals or circulates…

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Be Your Guest

By Candace Schilling | October 29, 2018

A special guest will arrive at my home soon: ME. Since novelty feeds creativity, by helping us shift our attention, every guest can be a gift (even if, as a friend once experienced with her own houseguests, your teenage visitors dyed their hair black and cleaned up with your good white towels). Self-care is an…

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Harvest Blessings

By Candace Schilling | October 19, 2018

Fall is making a quiet entrance here in Georgia. I love opening my door to cooler mornings while my home is still surrounded by blooms and butterflies. The soft brown caterpillar I transported from my driveway to a flower bed today will – I hope – transform into one of those beautiful pollinators soon. Meanwhile,…

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Landing Page Project: MAGBOLT™

By Candace Schilling | September 23, 2018

My clients are called to heal the world. Some work to inspire audiences, rebuild communities, change minds or mend hearts. Others are on a mission to protect people with their services or products.  The MAGBOLT™ Lockdown System is one of those products. I was delighted to create content for a MAGBOLT landing page and a…

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Marketing: Find Your Flavor

By Candace Schilling | September 10, 2018

As entrepreneurs, marketing makes some of us uncomfortable. A newly-minted website designer told me last week, “I’m just not sure about ‘putting myself out there,’” and I know that feeling. Like the photographer without a good headshot (who specializes in headshots) or the web developer with a broken, outdated website, I was once a writer with…

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Client: McBryar Advisory Services

By Candace Schilling | August 26, 2018

Our wealth and our health have something in common: These are deeply personal topics. We’ll discuss them, but some questions are “off-limits,” even with our friends. Concerns about money or health can affect the quality of our sleep and even the quality of our lives. As a professional communicator, I’ve been writing about complex, highly-regulated…

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The Nature of Transformation

By Candace Schilling | August 19, 2018

I’m afraid to ask my neighbors if they think I’m a bit odd, given that such a question would probably ignite an invisible battle between their politeness and their honesty. They might tell you my outdoor furniture is more decorative than functional. Instead of sitting, I stroll and pause, placing my hands on trees or…

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Networking Tips for Introverts (and Everyone Else)

By Candace Schilling | July 16, 2018

Three years ago, I walked into a large, Atlanta-area networking event, turned and walked right back out again. Friends said I was brave, moving across the country a few months earlier to a city where I knew no one. (I do not recommend this.) I’d weathered too many winters in a cold Illinois town, and…

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Is self-publishing right for you?

By Candace Schilling | July 1, 2018

Some of the most powerful advice I’ve ever read about self-publishing came from a worm farmer who published her own book more than 30 years ago. While “celebrating the value that small presses contribute to society,” she highlighted several timeless benefits of self-publishing, including the opportunity to exercise creative control over her work. “My goal…was…

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