Learning SEO

Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

In the context of SEO, keyword cannibalization may occur when a website has multiple pages heavily targeting the same keywords, especially within titles. The single page that’s selected and offered to searchers has “eaten” the other pages related to that keyword on the same website. To reach the pages the search engines considered less relevant,…

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Titles, Permalinks and SEO

There’s always more to learn about SEO, from rules handed down by search engines to tweaks shared by SEO specialists, web designers and developers. Consider a recent discussion I had with a colleague – a social media manager – about doc titles and permalinks. One popular approach, after placing a headline relevant to your post or page inside your “H1 tag,” is…

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Matchmaking and SEO

A long-term client once called with an uncommon request. She asked me to help her write an ad for a personal dating site; I accepted. Marketing is marketing, and that tiny copywriting/editing gig illustrates my approach to SEO as well. Whether you’ve launched a personal ad or a company website, capturing the most views or “eyeballs” can be an empty achievement.…

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