Proposal Writing Tips

RFP: How to Respond

Unlike a Request for Quote (RFQ), a Request for Proposal (RFP) is a powerful invitation to express your business at its best. It’s time to look beyond your bid, re-examine your capabilities as well as your differentiators and weave those unique characteristics into your copy. If your company uses a team-based approach to create proposals or circulates…

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RFP: Preparing to Respond

The first step in creating your next proposal is not writing; it’s gathering materials. Writing a proposal is like building a house, and it’s time to collect some “bricks.” 1. Look at your previous proposal(s) for this job and accompanying feedback, if any. Also pull other past proposals, even if they seem unrelated. Do those…

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Proposals That Sell

A marketing-optimized proposal wraps a curated set of business capabilities and accomplishments around your bid. It sells. Shape your proposal into a stronger marketing tool with a few simple tips. Speak (or in this case, write) in your potential client’s “language.” You probably know – and use – common industry terms, but many companies favor specific acronyms or create…

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