Client: McBryar Advisory Services

Our wealth and our health have something in common: These are deeply personal topics. We’ll discuss them, but some questions are “off-limits,” even with our friends. Concerns about money or health can affect the quality of our sleep and even the quality of our lives.

As a professional communicator, I’ve been writing about complex, highly-regulated fields like insurance and financial services for more than 20 years. I love exploring the stories behind each business and the unique approach such specialists take when working with their own clients.

Working with McBryar Advisory Services inspired me.

In the discovery phase of our first project together, Ben Harper walked me through the questions their financial coaches ask new and potential clients so I could understand what their customers may experience. I’m a strong advocate for this type of user experience research, and I’m usually listening as a writer and answering as a persona or avatar – a fictional composite of people from a target market.

But as we stepped through the various questions, I was struck by how important dreams and dreaming are, not only to McBryar Advisory Services, but to everyone who wants to live a rich, intentional life. That interview expanded my view of their business and my own future.

No one else can do our dreaming for us.

As I edited their magazine-length brochure into something shorter, I added content that reflected their focus on dreams, including the heartfelt sentence above, written not long after leaving their office. A longer essay on values became a single panel, with two sentences per value. I also used a question-and-answer format to create the feeling of a conversation between the person holding the brochure and McBryar Advisory Services.

I enjoyed writing and editing for these fiduciaries who operate by an upgraded version of the Golden Rule they call the “Platinum Rule,” treating other people the way those individuals want to be treated.

TAD created a striking brochure design.

When I saw the “proof” copy of the brochure before printing, I knew Craig Thacker of Thacker Advertising & Design was a talented visual storyteller. What I didn’t know was that the brochure would be printed on 11×17-inch paper (instead of 8.5×11-inch paper). It’s easy to slip into a pocket or purse, but the slightly larger dimensions make it stand out on a table with average-sized marketing collateral. Like the content, the design is crisp and timeless – important qualities for a brochure with a shelf life longer than one year.

“For broken dreams, the cure is dream again, and deeper.” – C.S. Lewis

It’s hard to admit that many of our cherished plans are written in pencil. When life takes us places we don’t expect or takes people out of our lives, those plans change, including the dreams attached to them. After all the effort to recover and place our feet on a new patch of solid ground, it’s time to give ourselves permission to dream again.

Financial coaches like Ben can help people define their dreams or redefine them, while taking “the path to Financial Peace of Mind.” McBryar Advisory Services also offers free workshops “because all investors deserve an ongoing financial education.”