Landing Page Project: MAGBOLT™

My clients are called to heal the world. Some work to inspire audiences, rebuild communities, change minds or mend hearts. Others are on a mission to protect people with their services or products.  The MAGBOLT™ Lockdown System is one of those products.

I was delighted to create content for a MAGBOLT landing page and a flyer, because I believe in the power of that system and because of the creators’ approach to marketing it.

  1. They invited me to experience the product in-person. Before writing about the MAGBOLT Lockdown System, I was able to hold it during a project meeting and hear the alarm.
  2. Their messages highlighted the benefits of the product, such as ease of installation, without using similar products for positioning. Instead of requesting easy, common differentiators like “first,” “better” or “best,” they wanted to explain how their product works and how it can help schools and other facilities.
  3. They focused on increasing safety, not fear. Some advertisers try to generate negative emotions such as fear or anger to sell a product. My clients chose a marketing approach that is heartfelt and authentic.
  4. They understood the value of a short origin story. “Designed by a parent in the security industry…” is enough to establish credibility and build trust. Short. Direct. Effective.

Thanks to web developer and graphic designer Madie du Plessis for inviting me into this project.