Paid to Learn

For a writer and editor, every assignment is a teacher. I’ve learned about restaurant ownership, real estate development and medical transport. I’ve collected new manufacturing terms such as “throughput” and taken a closer look at common life cycles for Superfund sites.

And when Zane Benefits (now PeopleKeep) requested a few blog posts and a bit of ghostwriting, I got a gift I didn’t know I needed: detailed information about health benefits options for small businesses – including my own. The Small Business Employee Benefits and HR Blog makes it easy to explore information about Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and Health Spending Accounts (HSAs), for example. I have fond memories of my old Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – and how I wound up cramming eligible expenses into my calendar at the end of the year to avoid losing any unspent money in the account. If you’re eligible to open an HSA, tax-deductible contributions and interest can rollover, tax-free, from year to year. In a 2015 LA Times article, Zane Benefits President and CEO Rick Lindquist called HSAs “IRAs on steroids.”

The blog arranges information about health insurance and benefits packages into palatable, bite-size portions digestible for almost anyone, from employees to administrators or business owners. And that’s one of several reasons I enjoy working with clients like Zane Benefits.

  1. My clients know when to recycle. Links can tie readers to previous posts, but sometimes repeating key sentences from old entries offers the freshest approach. Since each Zane Benefits post can stand alone, even a first-time visitor can dive into the data.
  2. My clients want high-signal, low-noise copy. “Signal” is information readers can use and apply; “noise” is a sales pitch. In the quest to find and retain top talent, small business owners are searching for ideas about building competitive benefits packages and equipping employees with the information they need to make their own benefits decisions. Zane Benefits can help.
  3. My clients are on a mission. Whether they’re longing to make works of art affordable and accessible or using technology to simplify life or work, they’re problem-solvers. Although it’s not the star of the Small Business Employee Benefits and HR Blog, you can read about PeopleKeep online software on the Zane Benefits website.

Thanks to Terri Germann of RIGHTWriters for inviting me into this project.