There are so many ways
I can help you find the right words.

You put your heart into your business, and your heart has a unique and powerful voice. When you connect that voice to your content, including your marketing, you and your clients feel the magic of authenticity.

Whether I'm writing or editing, I want your content to energize you and your business. Words can ignite or amplify the love you feel for the work you're called to do. Love connects you more deeply with the people you're meant to serve and to the GIFTS your business brings into the world.

I’ve researched and written more than 100 published articles covering topics such as healthcare, retail and food.

NDA and other confidentiality agreements hide a large portion of my portfolio, but popular deliverables include content for websites, brochures, recruiting packages, executive communication, landing pages, case studies, online training modules and marketing collateral. My approach to SEO wraps selected keywords inside authentic content, and creating original copy is one of my specialties.

The Freelancer Head Start podcast:

I talk about joy, self-value and the power of "Minding Your Own Business" in this interview by Marion Owen of The Freelancer Head Start podcast.

What clients say about my work:

"Candace is an editor's dream for her ability to meet tight deadlines and submit clean copy. I hired Candace as a freelance writer for Business to Business magazine, a regional business magazine in Bloomington, Illinois; she wrote more than 10 articles on a number of topics, such as insurance, health care and downtown development. She has the ability to add creative flair to seemingly mundane industry articles and make them pertinent to a general business audience."

Gail Gaboda, editor/designer at Town Square Publications, via LinkedIn


"Candace provided professional writing and editing support on several RIGHTWriters projects. In each instance, she worked well with the client and other RIGHTWriters team members. Candace is adept at digesting large amounts of technical information..."

Terri Germann, owner of RIGHTWriters, Inc., via LinkedIn

I work with coaches.

From editing nonfiction manuscripts to writing marketing materials, I make it easier for business coaches and life coaches to attract the people they're meant to serve. Want to spotlight how you've helped clients, while protecting their privacy? Consider a fictionalized case study (a composite created from true, anonymized customer stories) like this one for Dream Achiever Coaching.

Writing and editing
for McBryar Advisory Services:

I enjoyed writing and editing for these fiduciaries who operate by an upgraded version of the Golden Rule they call the “Platinum Rule,” treating other people the way those individuals want to be treated.

Financial coaches like Ben Harper can help people define their dreams or redefine them, while taking “the path to Financial Peace of Mind.” McBryar Advisory Services also offers free workshops “because all investors deserve an ongoing financial education.”

Landing Page Project: MAGBOLT

I was delighted to create content for a MAGBOLT landing page and a flyer, because I believe in the power of that system and because of the creators’ approach to marketing it.