Although I've written more than 100 published articles, you will not see my name on most of my other work – business communication products designed for a limited audience. I respect confidentiality, and NDA and similar agreements hide a large portion of my portfolio. Some of my best work and largest projects will not be shared.

Internal publications or other deliverables I created for State Farm as an employee:

  • The State Farm Times – This internal monthly newspaper had a circulation of 80,000.
  • Executive speeches – I was a ghostwriter-on-request for an operations vice president.
  • Communication strategies – I wrote communication plans for regional and corporate projects.
  • Partners magazine – I co-edited this regional publication.
  • The SouthernAire – This magazine was distributed to employees in Alabama and Mississippi.

A selection of the internal or confidential pieces produced for various clients:

  • Video script for a county bar association.
  • HR recruiting materials designed to attract technical, insurance and/or financial services employees.
  • Newsletters.
  • Online training modules delivered via intranets.