Parke Regency Hotel and Conference Center

Bloomington, Ill., is a busy Central Illinois town saturated with hotels and banquet facilities. Competition is fierce. Large motel chains have continued to buy existing facilities or build in and around the city.

Whether you were a bride-to-be in Bloomington or a company staffer planning a meeting there, until 2016 the Parke Regency Hotel and Conference Center handed you the same printed materials: a menu inside a promotional folder.

Parke Regency management called Artezen to design a brochure, and Artezen called me for the words to fill it. The outside of the brochure focuses on the primary print media targets – the bride and the event planner – while the inside panels highlight rooms, dining options and other other amenities.

The hotel's unmatched customer service is a primary message point throughout the copy. Smaller facilities often have a strong value proposition related to customer service; a smaller staff can be more attentive. Options can be more agile and creative. Settings can be more intimate.

"Whether planning your event with a staff member, or watching guests arrive for your meeting, you'll find the customer service at Parke Regency is unparalleled by our larger neighbors."

What customers want is a venue that meets their needs while exceeding their expectations. If they need two meeting rooms, most do not care if you have 10 rooms or only five rooms available.

"From ceremonies to celebrations, the Parke Regency offers the elegant atmosphere of an independent boutique hotel with personalized service unmatched by common "banquet halls."

Memories are made at the Parke Regency Hotel and Conference Center.