No business is exactly like yours.

Work with a writer as
unique as you are.


The first service I provide

You bring the magic and the value to your business. Before I write marketing messages or edit your nonfiction book, I want to hear what brings you joy.

I'm interested in the types of clients and projects you want to attract.

I also "listen" to your existing content, from websites to brochures and other marketing collateral. We'll work together to build or edit authentic, multi-tasking messages that fit your favorite communication vehicles, from websites to training modules, social media, speeches or video.

You have a Light and a Power like no one else.


Let's use it.


About Reiki:

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique. This gentle form of "energy work" may relieve tension and reduce stress, which can encourage the body to heal itself.

I've practiced Reiki since 2010, and I worked with a variety of clients (people and pets) in Illinois.

I'm exploring when and how to create a similar business in Georgia. If you're curious about Reiki, Reiki in Medicine is an informational website by Pamela Miles. Pamela's book, Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide, helped me select compatible teachers.