No business is exactly like yours.

Work with a writer as
unique as you are.


The first service I provide

Whether I'm writing pages for your website, explaining that new HR benefits package or editing your nonfiction book, I bring new energy to your content. I pay attention.

I'm interested in the types of clients and projects you want to attract. My words build relationships, and I want to help you recruit and retain team members engaged in your mission.

I also "listen" to your existing content, from websites to brochures and other marketing collateral. We'll work together to build or edit authentic, multi-tasking messages that fit your favorite communication vehicles, from websites to training modules, social media, speeches or video.


Hiring an editor is like building a swimming pool: Consider how deep you want to go.

Simple copyediting addresses errors in spelling and grammar. A stronger "developmental" edit can explore readability, style, structure and more. (Developmental editing is popular for e-books, nonfiction manuscripts and business proposals.)



"Content" is more than a website.

It includes your posture – your way of moving in the world. It's the value you assign to your own voice, personally and professionally. It's how (and whether) you give yourself permission to tell people about your business and other topics that matter to you.

A Collaboration is a simple, purposeful conversation, with questions designed to open up your own voice and vision, not mine.

Sessions are customized, so you can jumpstart your next website, consider whether you "need" another brochure or discuss that e-book you'd like to write.


Using words that "sound" like my clients, I fill websites, ads, landing pages, brochures and other marketing collateral. I write training programs and speeches, too.

If you need a case study that preserves client confidentiality, ask me about writing a fictional composite.


A Collaboration is for you if:

  • You're tired of hearing family, friends and vendors tell you how you "should" market your business.
  • You want more confidence; you want to be heard.
  • You're not sure how to begin updating your marketing messages.
  • You want to polish your content and strategy before advertising or seeking publicity.
  • You're increasing your value and raising your prices.
  • You want to attract a different type of clients or projects.
  • You love complimenting someone else's products or services, but you find it harder to market your own.
  • You don't want to sound generic or too much like your mentors.
  • You're having "writer's block" and need to brainstorm.

With my help, it's easy to create authentic marketing content...because you already have it in you!


A few words from one of my clients:

"You will be so glad you chose Candace as a writing partner. Not only does she receive rave reviews from the clients we send to her regularly, but she's a major contributor to the content flow and message of our own new website. I recommend Candace without hesitation to any individual or small business looking for content consultation, website copywriting, or turnkey writing for your marketing materials. She is an excellent editor as well, always providing spot-on suggestions and alternatives. Candace makes the writing process a joy!"

Val Hudgins, founder, Zen Dog Web Services (new website launching soon)

You have a Light and a Power like no one else.


Let's use it.


About Reiki:

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique. This gentle form of "energy work" may relieve tension and reduce stress, which can encourage the body to heal itself.

I've practiced Reiki since 2010, and I worked with a variety of clients (people and pets) in Illinois.

I'm exploring when and how to create a similar business in Georgia. If you're curious about Reiki, Reiki in Medicine is an informational website by Pamela Miles. Pamela's book, Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide, helped me select compatible teachers.