The Year of the Heart

Doctors and nurses inhaled at a screen full of data I could not understand. To trained medical personnel, those lines spelled one thing: “Heart Attack.”

NOT mine. I was invited to attend a 2017 Cardiovascular Summit as a Reiki practitioner; one session focused on complementary therapies. But first, I heard the story of a man who made an appointment with a cardiologist after a night of chest pain (and Internet searches about “chest pain”). He walked in, with no outward signs of the crisis happening inside his body. Since his doctor was located on a hospital campus, he had a quick ride in a wheelchair instead of an ambulance.

The cardiologist continued the presentation with a video segment from an echocardiogram as he explained the procedure used to restore blood flow. The ultrasound captured a heart beating, then rivers of black flooded the gray image as blood traveled throughout the patient’s heart, as it should. Our applause grew louder when we learned the man was in the audience with us.

Modern medicine is amazing, and so are we.

Months later, that presentation continues to inspire me. I stop for a moment, bow my head, place my hands over my heart and appreciate its steady, loving pulse. So many powerful parts of us are hidden from our view, forgotten until we experience a minor malfunction or a catastrophe.

Our health is a gift no one can purchase.

It’s easy to fall into step with the repetitive aspects of life. Eating. Sleeping. Working. Running from one errand to another. In one of my earliest posts, I wrote we are like spiders, busy and fragile. And in my trance of duties and routines, I sometimes forget every day is a miracle. Every breath we take blesses us and gives us a fresh opportunity to bless the world.

The heart carries its own silent wisdom.

If my heart could talk – or type – what would it say? I think, “Love matters.” And I believe the content and marketing messages I write for myself and for clients can become even more heartfelt and mindful, so stay tuned.

For me, 2018 is the Year of the Heart. Happy New Year, to you and yours!


Photo by Renee Fisher for Unsplash